"We live 25 miles outside of Marshalltown and our dog was hit by a car on a Saturday morning. Our regular clinic was closed so we brought her in and you would have thought we had been going there for years. Everyone there was extremely kind and Dr. L went above and beyond what we would have expected!"

Brian Murphy
"I brought my 4 month old pitbull roxy who had a bad skin condition into the Animal Clinic-The Vet and they were able to get me in right then. The ladies behind the desk were all very nice and helpful and the doctor was very knowledgeable! I will rate them at 5 stars!! And roxy says thank you! "

- Joshua McElroy
"The best vet clinic. I'm originally from Marshalltown but moved to DesMoines 4 years ago and I still travel back to Dr.Drager and his staff for all of my animals needs. They are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. They treat us like family. I will NEVER go anywhere else."

Jennifer Witte
"Had an emergency last night with one of my birds, who I discovered late in the day had apparently been bleeding internally. They were able to see him even though it was close to closing time, and it made all the difference for us last night. Thank you so much for your help and patience. Little Volibear is doing great today, eating and playing like a champ and there was no sign of blood this morning. If I hadn't been able to take him in last night, it would have been very stressful due to what I saw coming out of him overnight. But the very kind doctor said to expect that, and it should return to normal soon. And it did! So far so good anyway. :) So pleased (and lucky!) to have found a wonderful avian doctor, having recently moved to the area.​​​​​​​"

- Melinda Mauskemo
"Amazing people and a great place to work! I love my job and all of our clients and their fur-babies!!​​​​​​​"

- Whitney Grace
"I love Dr. Ladehoff. She makes it a 5 star rating. God Bless your loving kindness. Wendy Pena."

Wendy Pena
"Just took blue to get his nails did and it was a great experience. I know getting nails trimmed is a simple procedure but Blue has never liked his paws to be touched and he was in and out of there with no fuss. Thankful to their staff."

- Chirsty Polt

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